News and Announcements
Saucon Rail Trail in the media.

Volunteer Opportunities
You can be a part of making the Saucon Rail Trail even better.

Mile Markers
New beautifully crafted wooden
mile markers can now be seen
all along the trail.

Saucon Rail Trail 10K
September 2, 2013 
Year-Round Fun
Nothing is more “refreshing”
than a bike ride in the snow.
The Saucon Rail Trail is ideal
for cross country skiing and
snow-shoeing too.
Tribute Programs
Memorial benches have been
placed along the Lower Saucon
Township portion of the
Saucon Rail Trail.
Report a Problem
Let us know if there are trees or branches down or anything else urgent that needs to be addressed.
How Do I Get onto the
Saucon Rail Trail?

Entry points and parking.
No Ticket Needed
What used to be the North
Pennsylvania Railroad is
now miles of peaceful trails.