Refurbished Railroad Signal on Saucon Rail Trail.
Reading Drive Trailhead
Meadow Planting Project
Get an update.

Volunteer Opportunities
You can be a part of making the Saucon Rail Trail even better.

Trail Markers
Beautifully crafted wooden mile markers all along the trail.
Allentown Formation
The Allentown Formation
is a dolostone [CaMg(CO3)2] originally deposited as a limey mud and sand in warm, shallow seas that once covered all of the eastern United States.

Tribute Programs
Memorial benches have been placed along the Saucon Rail Trail.

Report a Problem
Let us know if there are trees or branches down or anything else urgent that needs to be addressed.

How Do I Get onto the
Saucon Rail Trail?

Entry points and parking.

No Ticket Needed
What used to be the North
Pennsylvania Railroad is
now miles of peaceful trails.


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