Organizing an event on the Saucon Rail Trail

All organized events on the Saucon Rail Trail (SRT) require the approval of the Saucon Rail Trail Oversight Commission. Completion of this registration form will ensure that event organizers have adequately planned for an event and will reduce the chance that multiple events will be held on the same section of the trail on the same day.


Please refer the the CALENDAR for events that are already scheduled on the trail.

ALL events that plan to utilize any of the community park facilities (Southern Lehigh Living Memorial Park, Upper Saucon Township Community Park or Hellertown Borough’s Water Street or Grist Mill Parks) will require review and approval of the municipality prior to final SRT Oversight Commission approval of the event.

Please note that “color run” events are NOT permitted on the Saucon Rail Trail nor in the municipal parks.

Utilization of any of the park pavilions must be arranged directly with the respective municipality.
The municipality websites can be accessed through the links below:

Borough of Hellertown
Lower Saucon Township
Upper Saucon Township
Borough of Coopersburg

The event organizers are responsible for the safe road crossings of all the participants.  It is recommended that any organized event on the trail that will be crossing any of the streets along the trail have designated people stationed at each street crossing to assure the safety of the participants.  We recommend street crossing guards wear a safety vest.  You can also make arrangements with the individual municipality’s fire/police to monitor the crossings during your event.

Registration Procedure

  • All registrations for events must be submitted on this form to the SRT Oversight Commission at
  • Registrations must be received at least (40) days prior to the actual event date.
  • Submittal of the registration does not imply final approval or confirmation of the request. The registration must be approved at a meeting of the Saucon Rail Trail Oversight Commission.
  • Trail events that plan to utilize Upper Saucon Township’s Community Park, Hellertown Borough’s Water Street or Grist Mill Parks, or Coopersburg’s Living Memorial Park will require review and approval of the municipality prior to final SRT Oversight Commission approval of the event. Individual forms can be
    downloaded from their respective websites.
  • During the review process the organization will be notified if the event requires any additional information or permits. These items must be received no later than ten (10) days prior to the event. Delays in providing these items may delay the Oversight Commission’s ability to complete their
    review and approval of the event.
  • All required attachments must be included with the registration


Insurance Requirements

An insurance certificate naming the municipalities of Upper Saucon Township, Lower Saucon Township, Hellertown Borough and Coopersburg Borough as additional insured must be submitted prior to the event.


Authorized Parking for the Saucon Rail Trail

Hellertown Borough:
• Water Street Park – Water Street
• Grist Mill Park – Walnut Street

Upper Saucon Township:
• Community Park – Preston Lane

Lower Saucon Township:
• Reading Drive Trailhead (limited parking available)

Coopersburg Borough:
• Living Memorial Park