Volunteer Opportunities

General Opportunities:

Volunteers are needed for clean-up days, and many other projects.

Get involved!

Native Plant Garden at Redding Drive:

Have you ever marveled at the Native Plant Garden at Reading Drive and wondered how you could help? Well, your opportunity has arrived. Plans to renovate the garden, to better serve the community, have been developed, including improvements to accessibility and enhancements to make plant identification easier. So, whether you have a green thumb, or just an interest in volunteering to help turn this resource into a place for public engagement and learning, there’s a job for you.

To learn more, interested parties can send us a message with their name and email address to be placed on the Native Plant Garden volunteer list. If time is a precious resource, no worries, consider this a teaser of improvements you’ll be able to enjoy along the SRT.

Email us at: SauconRailTrail@gmail.com.